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365 pentru EDUCAȚIE

Paul Brummell: Advancing years were forcing me

Advancing years were forcing me

To think about my legacy.

The time was sweeping swiftly past.

What could I do that might just last?

My friends told me that they had heard

The answer was the written word.

“Just write it down and you will see

It kept for all posterity.”

Their fine advice quite made my night.

But what, exactly, should I write?

A murder tale: dark and gory?

Or a witty children’s story?

A sultry tropical romance?

Or a new guide to ballroom dance?

The outcome (it could have been worse):

This funny little piece of verse.

There’s nothing great here, but the thought

That writing’s such tremendous sport.

So come join with me when I say

Let’s put pen to paper today!


Paul Brummell, Scrisul face bine


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